Main building 'Buttercup' area 8 -20 months 'Buttercup' area 8 -20 months Under twos outdoors
Under twos outdoorsUnder twos outdoor2-3 year role play area 2-3 year construction area
2-3 year sensory/sleep room2-3 year toilets and changing area Pre- school role play area Pre-school area 3-5 years
Pre-school area 3-5 yearsPre-school reading area 3-5 years Pre-school Interactive WhiteboardPre-school snack area
Pre-school toiletsLarge safety surface for riding trikes, ball games and traditional group games 2-5 year olds All in one suits available for all childrenClimbing frame, sand pit, teepee, dens, seesaw, mud kitchen, role play resources and much more! All age appropriate for our 2-5 year olds.

A visit from 'Zoo Lab' May 2017 

A trip out to 'Nurtured in Nature' at Waddecar Scout Camp October 2017