Extra activities for our children!
Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for the Autumn term will be taking place on Monday afternoons at Gorlands pool in Longridge. The lessons are for 30 minutes with all flotation aids provided. Transport is provided by Gorlands and included in the additional charge of £6.50 per lesson. Please enquire if you would like your child (must be in their pre-school year) to be added to the waiting list for this swimming class.

Please see "Important dates and events" for swimming dates.

'Rock n Learn' by Harriett Gore
Wednesday afternoon 2-3 year old's £2 per session.

Fun class involving music, singing, dancing, puppets, sensory experiences and much more! 

Harriett is also great for private events such as birthday parties, christenings etc.


Unique way to help children to learn to read and write by combining phonics and sports together in a fun, physical and inspiring way! 

Tuesday & Friday morning at 10am for 3-4 year old's £2.00 per 30 minute session. 

The Petite Acting Academy

Alternate Thursday  afternoon's £1.50 per 30 minute session.